Bats & Birds limited edition


Bats & Birds Limited edition 950 the next edition will be a continuation and unlimited when the 950 are sold out, you can purchase  Birds & Bats this has a few changes being a mixed capital letter version that plays all the 27 games and this version will be a great addition to your collection.

As the next versions are made we will inform you and make these available to purchase and start  collecting and learning while you play.

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Selling our first collectable product our limited edition 950 available, and our ongoing unlimited both are the same product and both share the content of world of Bats & Birds or Birds & Bats and all play the 27 card games using our 121 playing cards with hand drawn pictures with some information, all used for helping with learning study players do math, spelling, engaging games or concealing games something for all the family other types of topics will be sold here soon.

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