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TRADE SALES EDUCATIONAL PLAYING CARDS showcase of our different types of topics to collect.

Our first card game available to purchase called World of Bats & Birds playing cards.

Showing five of our card back designs, & the logo badge sign

Available to purchase now The limited edition 950 marked with label.

Next new card game following Bats & Birds is world of Birds & Bats playing cards.

Our customers are welcome to order the odd pack but we mainly deal with large orders All Trade customers send a email and place orders min order amounts are 10  to 25 to 60   950 limited packs of  playing cards available

 £4.25 each pack trade prices are negotiable. 

Retail cost is £9.99 each pack plus £3.00 post & packing,  Selling a collectable range of playing cards.

What is available  to order below

purchase your own choice of content example Bats & Birds limited 950 available now, Sports & Topics, Birds & Bats, Dinosaurs & Fossils, Fish & Whales, four new sets of playing cards place orders and we will manufacture amount  please send  invoice signed and state the amount required.

Our company will try to meet orders that have been paid for only.

See  us in  the  Games  &  puzzles  magazine Toy  World  Magazine  2021  sept  issue.

Buy now our limited edition pack of playing cards, only 950 available trade orders available.

All our products are low priced for trade buyers to retail customers look out for our products in trade magazine or here on the website  email enquiry we will do our best to respond to any questions related to our products and service also any enquires about licensing agreements  phone  or email.

50 packs of cards are being supplied to the film industry called prop fiction were our products are used as props in films and TV.

Retail price around £9.99  post & packing £ 3.00  Trade price  negotiable around 4.25 each pack of cards, The postal charge for bulk 60 – 80 packs £ 10.00. or arrange collection. 

Selling for under a tenner great value for our small but giant card game having the most content, the most spelling power, using our new  designed playing cards and worldly  choice of Topics great for creating a wonderful collection to play and learn from.

The Bats & Birds card game is our first created  version with only nine hundred and fifty packs available with this design, when these run out customers will be sent the ongoing version of Birds & Bats.

 Place  orders now, any enquiries give us a call or invoice the amount that you require, the  guide  price for retail £ 9.99 Trade £4.25 for each pack of cards, post and packing starts at £3.00 each pack, £10.00 for 80 packs,  the first  edition is highly collectable being our first pack  of playing cards made and designed all 242 hand drawn pictures with information.

With these cards they have a slightly different design having bolder font letters and they have two of the same letters on each playing card, the next version has been mixed having two different letters on each card and other changes to help with more ability to spell more words.

The first version is a introduction type and has a ease of play having one letter in blue box used for building words  but plays just as well, Some pictures may differ.

Above showing our next card game , this is a different type having all the capital letters mixed up and other changes but play all the 27 card games also this is not limited and available next year also others to add to your growing collection, we will keep you informed on our website.

Note: Trade Orders  must be signed , make a invoice  state the type and amount required in a email or phone we will let you know the price of order and invoice you, make your payment  we will give you a date of delivery.

VAT Charged as applicable

insurance Delivery charges. 

All our products are made in the UK.


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