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Selling our first limited edition called: World of Bats & Birds playing cards a family fun learning collectable range having many topics to collect.

Selling our first card game called Bats & Birds a limited edition version 950 available to purchase.

This new product creation has a chosen topic and a full index of words related to topic for players to study and learn about and play spelling or math type games 27 different types of card games to play using our new designed playing cards 121 in each pack with 242 hand drawn pictures with information.


 Created to help with mind training, players can collect a different Topic and still play all 27 games with a fresh outlook, build your own collection.

Types of games resemble easy game like snap to a Rummy type or Scrabbled type of game using our playing cards.

 our company has created a few Topics to collect shown on the website and available soon but marked as out of stock as these are available to collect when made available we will let you know.

The continuation product for Bats & Birds this will be named Birds & Bats and this will be sent to customers that have ordered when the limited edition has all sold out, so that no one is disappointed, This version has a few changes and alterations and plays the same games.


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